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Jamiyattul Falah Mangaluru City Unit conducted free Eye Testing Camp at Jeppu

Jamiyattul Falah (Unity for Success), a state government award winning charity organization’s Mangaluru Corporation Unit conducted free Eye Test Camp in coordination with South Kanara Blinds Association and South Welfare Association Jeppu on Sunday, 25/11/2018 from 9:00am to 12:30pm at Mahakali Padpu, Jeppu, Mangaluru.

The event started with the Quran recitation, subsequently inaugurated by the President of Mangalore Corporation Unit Mr. AbdulQadir.

Jamiyattul Falah district President Shahul Hameed K.K., was the chief guest of the event and he informed the gathering to take advantage of such camps.

Guest of honors were SWA President Mohammed Shareef, NRCC Ex-Ameer Shahul Hameed, Salih Koya, Abdul Aziz, Blinds Association President Gururaj Bhat, SecreteryY.R. Bhat, Treasurer M.V. Subramanya, Corporator Shailaja participated in the event.

Dr. Jayaram Shetty, Dr. Hrishkesh Ameen and team tested 194 participants and free medicines were distributed to 34 patients. Free eye glasses were handed over  to 105 patients and 38 patients were recommended surgery for free of cost.

Senior members of Jamiyyatul Falah M.I.Bava, Imtiyaz, Katib Hamad Bava,,Saduddin Salih, PBARazzak, AboobakrG.H. and Adam Byari were also present at the event.

Mohammed Haneef compered the program and secretary Jamal Kudroli offered the vote of thanks.

The event had a very good response and was a grand success. This camp encouraged the organizers to conduct more such camps in days to come.


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